I’m just over a week out from leaving on my vacation.

I think I have a preliminary itinerary planned out.

My original plan was to go south for around a week, head inland, then come back home.

I think I have a bit more meat on the bones now. Basically I’m looking to head south on the 101 / PCH until I get to around the San Francisco Bay, then head towards Yosemite. Once there I’ll head north back through Crater Lake and Mount St. Helens before I get back home.

I’m looking to basically be camping most of the time so I’ll have my GPS loaded up with campgrounds that hopefully exist. If not I’ll have my iPhone and iPad with me as well to find places to stay.

All told I’m looking at just around 2,500 miles round trip. Given that I’ll have 16 days to do the trip (I’m actually looking to take 15 days and have a day to chill) I’ll be at only 166 miles per day which is easy peasy. Even with slow roads that should be a cake walk. In many ways I think I’ll have to even limit myself to less than I can do just to chill more. Get up… ride a few hours… take a break… ride a few more… find someplace to stay… chill.