Today I changed the oil in the bike and checked the valves.

The valves where right where I set them last time I went into the engine which is good. A little change one way or the other wouldn’t be a cause for concern at this point (since the engine is still reasonably new with only a 10,400 miles on in).

The oil wasn’t really due to be changed yet. It’s only had a bit over 4,200 miles on it, but if I’m about to go on a long and hot trip I wanted to change off the 5w50 oil I’ve been running in the cool and switch to something a bit thicker. 15w50 is what went in this time.

I’m not really sure if I should have been concerned… I’m sending the oil off to be analyzed so I’ll know for next time.

But in any case the bike is now set for the trip. At this point I just have to get the camping gear out from storage and start packing.  :-)