In my WordPress install series I wrote about spinning up an EC2 instance to serve up a WordPress blog.

I was looking at AWS’s EC2 offering today and I noticed that there’s a new EC2 instance type called a t2.micro.

The difference in price is pretty dramatic — going from $0.020 per hour to $0.013 per hour. Not only that but it has more memory and is faster as well.

Another added bonus is that the throttling performance is a lot more controlled than before. In the past the t1.micro instances throttled whenever you used more than some undisclosed amount of CPU time. They then throttled way back to the point of almost unresponsive. The new t2.micro instances have a notion of a reserve capacity that you can build up and use later. Not just that but you always get a 20% slice of the server so the throttling isn’t as dramatic.

The memory ramps up to an even 1GB from the original 615MB.

The server now is running on the new instance and I’m definitely seeing a speedup. (Some of it is from the new SSD-backed EBS as well which is the same cost as what the old EBS was!)

The only thing I had to change was how I had to compile the fast-CGI module for the 64-bit version of the operating system. I’ve since updated those instructions.

Overall, this is a pretty big win!  :-D