Today was day one.

It’s always interesting leaving town. Leaving home.

You wonder what you’ve forgotten. In this case I forgot (even though I REMEMBER packing them and Ennie saw me as well) towels. I also didn’t put on a belt, but that’s a non-thing really. I’ll stop by a sporting goods store tomorrow to try to remedy the towel situation.

The ride went from stupid hot up in Seattle (I saw 93 on the dash) to quite chilly when I was on the 101: down to 65. I brought along my jacket so that layered under my suit just fine.

I got the camp set up just fine… then I went up front to get some firewood. No problem. Loaded up the wood onto the sherpa that is the bike and head back to my camp site. Some dipshit SUV stopped in the road around 15′ in front of me and started backing up.

And didn’t stop.

Thankfully I got to the horn before he sped up even more.

It seems that he wedged my tire under his bumper a tiny bit as he hit his brakes.

No damage I can tell. The wheel can stand hits way stronger than that! (Thanks Woody!)

I talked to my brother just now too… we might get to see each other earlier as well. When he’s on the way up, I’ll be on my way down.

Well, back to sitting in front of the fire.