This was an interesting and mostly unplanned day.

I slept mostly well as I tried to put work out of my mind. Once I became tired enough I fell asleep to the goings on of the busy campgrounds. I woke up to silence..

I had an early start to the day because I was reading that there might be rain and maybe even thunderstorms rolling through the area. I struck camp at around 8:00 in a break in the persistent mist and made an overly strong cup of instant coffee. I left the mist came back.

I always find it amazing the lift and warmth a cup of joe can give you. It cut through the cold quite well.

Heading south on the 101 the mist continued. Off in the distance I saw the impending flashes of lightning. I was glad that I left when I did.

After a few hours on the road I felt safe enough to stop at The Diner at Seal Rock for some breakfast. An SOB — South Of the Border. A taco omelette.

This Too Shall Pass (“…as the morning comes…”) came as as the blue sky showed up for the first time of the day. It’s on the album “Of the blue Colour of the Sky.”

It made me smile. :-)

I got ahold of my brother Pete and we decided to get a hotel room. Roughly between us was Brookings, OR. After a bunch of missed connections due to both of us having some spotty coverage we finally got each other on the line and decided for real.

I arrived at around 5 or so and took a much needed shower. Pete around 6:15. Dinner and beers were found across the street from the Westward Inn at the Vista Pub. I paid for the hotel, Pete picked up dinner.

We chatted and retired back to the hotel and turned in early. We were both beat.

I had stayed in the same hotel room as Pete before. But it was long before. Around 30 years before when we were visiting our dad in Florida.