Usal Road is a swiggly little road. It’s also known as the lost coast road.

I checked up on it and the county said it was open. I checked AdvRider and good reports came back. A local newspaperman and a buddy ran it on R100GSs.

Maybe I’m soft. I probably am. Doing it on a $20K bike kitted for travel and camping might be another culprit.

Either way — I started down the road.

I could have turned back I suppose. Maybe it’s optimism that says the part you just rode through was the though part — and why would you want to do it twice?

Usal Road can at very best be described as a two-track trail. A Jeep trail. At worse it’s a rutted, uneven, muddy, steep hellhole with cliffs. :-O

I saw a few interesting sights. I must’ve missed most of them because every time I looked up the front wanted to wash away. I stopped looking away. I’m a pretty quick study for things like this.

A few miles in I saw a mile marker. It was something like 20.80. I was wondering if it was climbing up or down.


The GPS had a turn in around 8 miles. I was hopeful.

For naught.

It might take a while for me to not clench.

20.80 miles later I emerged onto CA-1.

The bike hadn’t been dropped. I was still alive. I’m sure a few years were shaved off due to the overwhelming stress of the whole thing.

I guess I earned the ADV stickers on my bike. And the half bottle of wine from the supermarket on the way to Salt Point campground… where I’m writing this, but don’t have internet.

I also have video of most of the ordeal. This should be fun to re-watch. I’m sure everyone who watches will punch me repeatedly for showing them the footage. I don’t blame them. I would punch me too; but I’m far too tired.