I wrote yesterday about the ordeal that was Usal Road.

Not all was bad though.

I started off the day talking to my neighbors at Humboldt Redwoods. Jerry, Tonya and their kids had made some breakfast burritos and had some left over. They invited me over to their camp to share some of their breakfast.

It was tasty!

And share of bit of talk as well. Zena their dog got in the mix as well — very friendly.

They’re some nice folks. They hail from Vegas. Tonya grew up around where we were camping though — this was her vacation. Jerry seems to have had bunches of jobs that took him all over the country. He’s been through bot of the places I’ve called my home and knew them both. Like I said, nice folks. I had some leftover firewood that I shuffled over to their site in gratitude.

Another first for the trip: I’m pretty sure I got waved at by a motorcycle cop. I’m quite certain I was 8-10 over at the time. I just got a wave. I liked that.

The camp site I reached at the end of the day — Salt Point Campground — was one of the most relaxing ones I’ve been at. Racking up there with the one at Shoshone National Forest. Not a lot of RVs. Quiet (except for the wildlife). Restful. I met Jeff and dog Hannah who were camped (nominally) next to me. The second pet fix of the day. How can I complain about that?!

I settled into camp by making some fried Spam on flatbread. Protip: flatbread packs better than buns! I washed it down with a half bottle of some random Chardonnay that was local — I was in wine country after all. ;-)

Seeing as I survived, I think it was a good day all told.