Yesterday was a day of mainly recovery and transit.

And driving behind slow trains of cars.

The speed limit on highway 1 is 55. I have to say that even on a bike that is a bit optimistic at times.

They also provide plenty of turn-offs. And signs that say that slower traffic should use them.

They don’t. Bastards.

The road conditions dictate that passing opportunities are quite limited. It’s a twisty awesome road after all and you have limited sight lines.

And I don’t want to be driving at 25 behind erratic drivers who don’t know how to drive.

But that being said I can’t complain too much. It’s pretty and once I managed to squeeze by the idiots I had a good 15 miles of play-time. Not the 30 I was wanting. You need to take what you can get.

Once I was off the 1 I headed inland on some small little road. The California countryside is gorgeous in its desolation at times. Desert. I was winding my way to Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa is where Ennie and spent a goodly portion of our 10-year anniversary. We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and ate at Hank’s Creekside a few times. (Hank’s, incidentally, was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives a while back) I had breakfast there — corned beef hash (home made there). The place hadn’t changed in five years. I drove past the old hotel, pink neon flamingo still spinning on top.

It was good to be back in cellular coverage. I made a few calls then stopped in to REI to buy the towels I forgot at home.

Towels in hand I proceeded inland further.

On highways. :-/

This is the second time this trip I was on the I-5 headed south. The first time was back home in Seattle.

I got off at Route 4 if I recall and took that all the way to Angel’s Camp. It was a windy ride. Windy, but nice. Once I got past the trucks it was a pleasant ride to town where I got a cheap room at a motel.

The town seemed deserted. No one at the motel. One old lady was at the next door restaurant when I got there at 6:30. (eventually the number grew to maybe a dozen) Few people driving on Main Street.

Go figure.

The room was clean, if a bit shabby. Ripped comforter, missing light bulb and all that. You get what you pay for and I didn’t pay much. It was a good enough place to do laundry and rest my aching body for the night.

Today: Yosemite! :-D