I was sitting in a brewery today blowing off some steam and on TV was the Tour de France.

I was looking at the daily struggle of the men in the race. Why do it? Sure, there is the “win” part of the race… but by and large only a few of the riders even have a legitimate shot at an overall victory.

Why do it?

I started thinking the same thing about my own ride?

Why do it?

There are easier ways of traveling. Camping on a freaking motorcycle?! Taking the road less traveled (or perhaps almost never traveled as was the case a few days back).

I guess in some ways it’s to prove to myself I can. I can’t “win” this adventure. Looking at it objectively the best that can happen is I return home unhurt (if a bit sore and achy) with a pile of pictures and an intact bike. Losing can really happen, though I strive not to think about it too much.

I oftentimes talk about “building character” in a facetious way. In the end I think this is exactly what this is.


To put the rest of life into crisper focus.