This isn’t about me. It’s about many of my neighbors with whom which I’ve camped in the past couple of days.

Next to me in Yosemite was a German couple (maybe with a kid, it was hard to tell). They pulled into the camp at around 8:30. Went to the bathroom and did nothing but stay in their rented RV. Their generator was immediately fired up and was on until they weren’t allowed to by camp rules.

In the morning, as soon as they could fire up the generator… you know it… it was chugging away. They thankfully left soon after that. They wound up being my rolling chicane after I had caught up to them.

My neighbors here at Oh Ridge have their generator going as well. Not just that, but they’ve even set up a little Dish Network receiver.

If your TV shows and air conditioning from home are so important, why don’t you just stay home?!

Is to too much to ask to not camp without wearing the earplugs I wear during the ride?