This happens every time.

When I get home I’m just really disoriented.

When for more than a week you’re primate goal is to go and survive (or is that survive and go) you get to point of routine.

My days consisted of:

  • Break camp
  • Make instant coffee
  • Batten down the bike
  • Head to the next location (and tour around in the process)
  • Find some internet to post (more later)
  • Get some lunch
  • Go some more
  • Get gas and something to eat
  • Find a camp
  • Set up camp
  • Make dinner
  • Blog
  • Clean up and make the camp bear safe
  • Figure out where to go the next day
  • Read
  • Sleep

This gets to be comforting in a Stockholm Syndrome type of way.

Break the routine and things just are strange.

I guess you have to ask why I do this, but I’ve already answered it.

It doesn’t change the result though.

All I could wind up doing today was ingest all the media I took on the trip. Perhaps 300-400GB or so. I’m trying to come up with a narrative for my movie now.

I use the term movie in a loose way, by the way.  :-)