Working through all the video and media I acquired on the trip will take me a goodly amount of time.

Even working at 4-8x speed it’s taking me a long time to get it done. And watching the scenery jump by at 8x is making my eyes want to bleed!!

This evening I managed to come up with a rough-cut of the footage of Usal Road. This is the director’s cut version I’m guessing. Even though I used way less than 20% of the source I’m still at nearly half an hour of footage.

Only hard-core motorcyclists that like riding in dirt are going to sit through that. I think I’ll have to work it down to 4-6 minutes before a civilian will sit through me bouncing along. Even then I’ll have to add some music to it!

And this is single-camera footage; there’s bunches of clips that I have from two angles. I’ll have to not only cut that, the angle needs to be chosen to convey something. Hopefully something even better than just “cool.”

Expect the Usal Road director’s cut to be posted soon — my my computer is done chugging through the 1080P encoding, uploading, and server-side processing. This might take some time.  :-)