Ever since I’ve had my bike (especially the 2009, I don’t recall it really happening with the 2007) I’ve had an odd issue.

If I pull the clutch in to slow down to a stop, especially if I had just up-shifted and was on throttle or if I was coasting at zero-load in a high gear, the bike had a tendency to stumble. Occasionally it would dip below idle, sometimes rarely it would dip and stall.

It’s not an electrical gremlin since it idles rock solid. Ignition isn’t an issue either. Fuel flow shouldn’t be problematic since I’m fine at both speed and idle.

Today I found a gas station that sells gas. You know, real gasoline. Not the crap that’s mixed with ethanol.

You know what?

The stumble went away.

Like magic.

Fucking ethanol.

If you want to find some near you, check out pure-gas.org. Maybe if more people start buying the real stuff we’ll have even more options!

And don’t even get me started on the ethanol rant. That’s for another day… Gaaahhh!!!