I’ve always wanted one.

I didn’t have a real use for one — honestly I barely do now, but more on that later — and I certainly couldn’t justify the many many thousands of dollars that one would cost.

The thing is that things have gotten comparatively cheap. It’s still the cost of a good handheld multimeter — but it’s only the cost of a good handheld multimeter.

I decided to spring for a Saleae logic analyzer. I opted for the Pro 16 and I’m putting off getting a real oscilloscope for now. I can capture ~ 20MHz with this guy and see what I really need to get. It’s still bunches cheaper than a real oscilloscope and I get 16 channels to dick around with.

I already have some stuff I can hook up via I2C and sniff the protocol. It’s something that I’ve never really done so it’s more stuff for me to learn. Things like this really do get me excited for some reason.  :-)