We heard quite a ruckus last night coming from the next street over.

Then we saw a metro bus head north on Linden. This is odd. Buses don’t run on that street.

As we walked up to 84th and sure enough all of Seattle’s police force seemed to have showed up. Talking to some of the folks on the sidewalk were saying that there was a girl under a sheet in the street. Sure enough, as we walked further down there was someone under a blanket. At first we thought the worse, but she was moving so at least she wasn’t dead.

We also heard a bus was involved in the situation along with an SUV and that they might be looking for another suspect. Rumors were that this was stolen car that was crashed.

Walking up another street to 85th sure enough there was a bus, a Cadillac Escalade, and a smashed Subaru going the wrong direction on 85th wedged between the SUV and bus. We managed to talk to the driver of the Escalade. Turns out that a woman stole a Subaru and turned westbound onto 85th on the wrong side of the road — into him. He was OK, but a bit shaken up from the incident.

Here’s where it gets weird.

The driver got out of the stolen Subaru, took off her black and white striped dress (!!) and ran up the street to Linden and started banging on people’s’ doors. She eventually ran down 84th where she was apprehended by the police and taken off in an ambulance.

“Describe the suspect for us.”


Yeah… that’s a good way to get found in a hurry.

That also explains the blanket over her.