There’s the super funny George Carlin routine about stuff.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that as time is going on I’m getting more stuff.

This isn’t really interesting in and of itself.

The thing I’m noticing is that while I’m getting more stuff, the stuff that I do have it getting more compact. At the same time while I’m keeping the stuff volume at least constant, the amount of space I have to store the stuff is going up.

It’s a strange graph in a way.

If I look back 15 years I had stuff piled up everywhere.

Now, I’m having far fewer piles of stuff and things are slowly getting more organized.

Some part of this is that the stuff is slowly converting from physical goods to something that can be held in the digital domain.

This is a god-send for me. Digital stuff is so much smaller.

The reason I started thinking about this is a visit to Ikea over the weekend. I got two big (Billy) bookcases to replace two smaller ones in my office I have perhaps 10 feet of extra shelf space.

At the same time I’m starting to further cull my collection of books.

The two adding up makes for a happy George.

I can start to find things again.  :-)

I got a dresser as well — a “big boy” dresser as Ennie puts it — to replace my small boyhood one. I can put away my clothes properly (well, when I get it together at least) and my closet will become less crammed.

Less stuff in more space.

Like I said… this is a good thing!