I grew attached to my bike on my trip.

Like, really attached. It got me through some interesting times.

Up until now she didn’t have a name. Ennie called her Moto, but that’s like calling a cat “Kitty.”

She has a name now: Matilda.

From Etymonline (awesome by the way!):

fem. proper name, from French Mathilde, of Germanic origin, literally “mighty in battle;” compare Old High German Mahthilda, from mahti “might, power” + hildi “battle,” from Proto-Germanic *hildiz “battle,” from PIE *kel- (1) “to strike, cut.” The name also was late 19c. Australian slang for “a traveller’s bundle or swag,” hence the expression waltzing Matilda “to travel on foot” (by 1889).

In my electorate nearly every man you meet who is not “waltzing Matilda” rides a bicycle. [“Parliamentary Debates,” Australia, 1907]The lyrics of the song of that name, sometimes called the unofficial Australian national anthem, are said to date to 1893.

I think it fits quite well.  :-)

I got thinking from the Waltzing Matilda song — from Nova, et. al.

It even fits from a different perspective. She’s my Matilda from the meaning of the song — my companion. Maybe I’m not traveling by foot, but I’m traveling none-the-less.

a romantic term for a swagman’s bundle. See below, “Waltzing Matilda”.

Yeah. It fits.

Even if it took five years, she finally has a name.

I fixed Matti’s headlight today after work — the ballast of the Xenon went bad and I replaced it with a new one. See: it works.