Last week I fired up my Parallels VM running Windows 7 and launched Firefox.

This is an old VM. I’ve been toting around since 2010 and has jumped from machine to machine several times. This is it’s most recent incarnation running on my iMac.

What popped up surprised me.

A lot.

The last time I used Firefox on this VM was back some time in 2011 I’m guessing. Firefox was still version 6. (It’s up to version 31 as I write this) I was working at QuinStreet at the time and I suppose I was working on something for that.

Up came this screen:

I’m quite certain this brings back memories for a lot of people.

While I’m not a huge fan of QuinStreet, I’m also not going to be a dick and post the actual URL of the server’s debug page. People that worked on the system I’m sure can guess since it wasn’t a secret even when I was at ICOM. (You can’t really do anything bad with it, just start quotes.)

Honestly, I’m surprised it’s still exactly the same — and still up.

This is one of the first things we coded when we started working on what was then called ComparisonMarket. It started off life as an ASP page, then a few years later it morphed into an ASPX. The interface stayed exactly the same though because we didn’t want to mess up anyone that was testing using that page.

I remember working on all of the features listed on it.

It just feels like a creepy time capsule in a way.