The weekend had an interesting event happening: the Geocaching Block Party.

It was just down in Fremont and Ennie and I decided to head over there. It was an uneventful ride over on the #5 bus that stops on Greenwood more-or-less at the end our street.

The web site said something about vendors and food trucks and such. No problem. There are plenty of similar things that happen all over town here in Seattle.

We arrived to a far bigger crowd than we could have anticipated.

The lines for preregistered folks filled the courtyard of Adobe building. In line we heard bunches of languages other than English. Wandering around and getting some of the caches (which were way easier to find when there’s a line waiting to fill the logbook) we talked to a guy from Florida.

It was as though this was a pilgrimage to the center of the universe. (Well, it was if you believe the signs that Fremont is in fact the center of the universe) Shirts from all over. Many from geocaching events. Some from previous years of the block party “Geocaching HQ — Been there.”

After we nabbed a few of the caches we walked up past the troll and caught the #5 back home.

Sometimes it’s really easy to take all the awesomeness of living in a real city for granted.