Today I learned that U-Hauls stores all over the country (at least according the one in Auburn, WA) have a bin of boxes that have been dropped off to reuse. The boxes in this box (meta… whoa) are free.

I also learned that the magic foam stuff from Sealed Air is damn fast stuff.

I wish I had this on video, but I remembered that I would wish I had this on video after I had already packed things. From the moment you pop the thing under the “A” label and the time that things start working is around 10 seconds. From the time it starts working and pops the second inner bag to the time you have to have gotten things set correctly is around 15 seconds.

And it gets hot. Like steaming hot. It has steam vents hot.

Then in around three minutes it’s set hard. You get a steaming hot, custom molded foam packing material. It’s pretty damn nice stuff.

I also learned that just taking boxes to a random shipping store that handles all the carriers is the right thing to do… FedEx was around $20 cheaper than UPS.

So I wound up saving around $50 from UPS’s quote to pack (boxes were free, and I used ~ $30 of the magic foam), and a further $20 on shipping. Win.  :-)