A quick one for today. This started for me last week when the wheel sensors for my tire pressure monitoring system gave me a warning that the batteries in them were low.

No problem. I checked the manual and they took BR1225 batteries.

At work I wandered into the Bartell’s in the adjoining building looking for them and the answer came back negative. I checked online and the going rate was on the order of $4-6 per cell and I needed two of them.

Enter eBay.

I got 5 for $4.99 shipped.

While it wasn’t the instant gratification of walking out of the store with them in hand, it’s worth the wait. And for next time I already have the replacements.

I did the same thing when I needed some calculator batteries. (Or they were for something… eventually some found their way into a calculator) Instead of buying three for $6.00, I got a flat of 100 for the same price. Even if they go bad quicker… I’m still way ahead of the curve!