Today in my mailbox I got some spam. In this case the mailbox was the one in front of my house.

It was something from

Now I have to say that I have nothing against this company. Honestly I don’t. When I was playing the role of a contractor and having lots of things I had my trusty DayTimer that I was carrying around.

The thing is that this was back in 1994.

Twenty years later (Holy crap… that’s a long time) things have changed.

What struck me was the meetings that we used as an example of how to use their system.

Unless you have a secretary that manages your meetings and writes things in your planner all the rest of us have is Outlook, Notes, or Google Calendar (or similar) that tells us when to be where all day long. The thought of trying to keep paper in sync with the digital world makes my head spin.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love paper and pen. I take notes on good paper with good fountain pens using intriguing inks. I love the process.

But it comes back to having two sources for the same information. Digital will win when your colleagues are scheduling meetings at the last minute.

Paper planners…

I suppose it can work for some people.

Other than folks that are stubbornly keeping computers off their desks I’m not really sure who a physical day planner works for any more.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?