We had an interesting thing come up today… something that had us questioning why people behave the way they do.


When I was growing up and gas grills were new on the scene (which of course dates me) what you did was buy a propane canister, take it to some place to fill it and use it.

Some time along they way the business model kind of changed. The canister exchange thing sprouted into existence. The deal is you bring in your empty and you pick up a janky one that’s partly filled.

A typical tank is designed to hold 20 pounds of gas. 20 pounds with room for expansion. In the past you got 20 pounds of gas. Now you get 15 for the price of 20. Oh, and you pay a premium as well.

So instead of getting 20 pounds of gas for $15, you get 15 pounds for $20.

Somehow this has become the new normal.

Or you could just buy an empty tank and get it filled for $12. Which for some reason people have toed the line that you only get 15 pounds in a 20 pound tank. I call conspiracy.

It’s strange how people just have come to expect that things have become that much more expensive. And they just put up with it. Put up with it even though you have an alternative that’s cheaper and just about the same level of convenience.

We had a conversation about why a rational person would do something like that? Sure, sometimes if it’s midnight that’s the only way to get propane, but in the day, all you have to do is go someplace else and save 50%.

Rational? People?

Some times you just shouldn’t even try to figure out why…