Yesterday was an amazing late summer day.

We took the C.C.C. Trail # 1264 that ran alongside the partly close NF 56 road. We were able to at least get to a barely marked trailhead and start walking towards the (at this moment closed) camp site.

It was a nike hike. Along the way we managed to hash through some issues we’ve been having lately. This is more than a good thing.

There was no specific gasp-inducing moments on the trail (other than the explosives). But it was a wonderful walk through lush woods.

Bokeh.  ;-)

I’m guessing this was done to rebuild the camp. There was a bunch of construction going on. The parking lot (or what looked like it) was all graded to a perfectly smooth surface looking ready to have some tarmac laid upon it.

Pro-tip: make sure the toilet has toilet paper. Since this was an under construction camp, the restrooms were not kept up to date.

I’m still wondering who I should call if something bad happens. Not that there’s cell phone reception here anyway.

One interesting thing was the case of the eaten benchmark.

It looked like the tree was hungry. They kept adding signs. The tree kept eating them.

Eventually they settled on a post-mounted sign.


Towards the end the lighting was spectacular.