Well, I don’t have it yet, but it was announced today.

It’s a step forward… but it’s also a step sideways in ways.

The part that I’m most concerned about is the size. Sure, the trend towards bigger is better has been going on for a long while now. It’s something that Apple has certainly dug in its heels as time has passed.

The first few versions of the iPhone were 3.5″. With the 5 series it went to 4.0″. Now it’ll be 4.7″.

I’m going to leave out the phablet 5.5″ from the picture — it’s ridiculous and shouldn’t be a phone.

When Tim is on stage demoing the “touch the home button to shift the screen down so you can reach” to get back to one-handed operation I have to say it’s janky at the very least.

That being said, having more screen might be good… but I’m entering with a good amount of fear.

Upgrade wise it’s faster and lasts longer. Always a plus. The barometric sensor is nice for fitness tracking; I lost my fitbit before my trip and I miss having the stairs climbed stat (ok, stupid, but I like it).

Better camera: check. (I can’t wait to try the new phase-detect auto focus to see how it works)

Thinner: check.

NFC payments: we’ll see if it catches on. Knowing Apple it might.

Honestly, I’m almost more psyched about iOS 8. In the few minutes I’ve played with the gold master I’m rather trilled about the small refinements that I’ve found. For instance, dealing with an email, there was an option to add the sender to my contacts. Simple, sure… but it’s something that seems very polished. It’s upping the upgrade from 7 a few notches.

I’ll order one on Friday like everyone else… you know I would.

…now the watch… well, I’m not sure I want to replace my real watch.  :-)