I know this isn’t news and it’s been widely reported… but this is just my own take on things.

The iPhone 6 started to get pre-ordered yesterday(-ish). It officially was supposed to go on pre-orders at 12:01 AM on Friday.

Apple’s store web site would have none of that it was down hard until at least 3 in the morning.

I was able to order a phone with my existing iPhone (5S if you’re curious). In some ways that is kinda strange. Using one device to order its replacement. (Ennie’s getting the 5S, don’t worry)

The thing that’s interesting is that even with the previous experiences with pre-orders the Apple site still had problems. With all the doom and gloom around every new product launch where everyone predicts that “oh, this one will finally flop” every one of these launches are bigger than the previous.

With all the prep, it still fails.

I’m both annoyed and impressed with that…