I was having a conversation last night with Holly about the idea that “bad things shouldn’t happen to me.”

You know, I’m more careful or I have more training or any of that type of thing. Bad things happen to others and we tend to expect the best for ourselves.

Then I was coming home on my bike and as I was pulling onto my street (well, a block from it going North on Linden) I saw bunches of flashing police lights up at 85th.

The intersection of Linden and 85th is a bad one. Lots of accidents.

We’ve made it a habit to try to figure out what’s going on in our neighborhood. You can call it being nosy, but it’s our hood after all and we should have more than a passing understanding of what’s going on.

It didn’t happen to me in this case — thankfully — but it’s a reminder that even when you’re not doing anything wrong you can still have random idiots turn left in front of you.

(Note: based on what I see the car is completely at fault here — failing to yield to the oncoming traffic)

The guy on the bike wasn’t fine. It looked like he had a messed up right ankle at least. He’s “ok” in the grand scheme of things and I’m guessing that he’ll be fine in a few months. It also looked like he locked the rear… which training can fix.

But some things really are just random.

And it can happen to you.

You need to prepare for it. You can’t just believe the truth away.