Today was fun. I woke up a bit earlier than typical on a weekday. 6:45 was the time set on my alarm. After my shower my usual alarm at 7 went off. Like I said, it was only a bit early not crazy early.

Suiting up I went off to the Apple store in University Village. This is the same place I picked up my iPhone last year when there wasn’t pre-orders. The line was almost wrapped around the building by the time I got there at 7:20 or so and got to chatting with some folks around me until the store opened at 8.

Talking to a blue-shirted Apple employee I asked if there was a line for preorders. He said there was and was really keen on making sure I got my confirmation email yesterday. Apparently people were using a preorder as a way of conning their way to a 6 Plus or something.

That out of the way I got in the much, much shorter pre-order pick up line. There were perhaps 40 people in front of me. Much much better than the 300-400 people (I’m guessing) that would have been in front of me in the other line.

A news chopper hovered overhead. It must’ve been a slow news cycle in Seattle.

I almost felt bad to walk in at 8 before all the line-waiters even had a chance. Almost.

The first guy to walk out with a phone was mobbed by four news cameras and corresponding reporters elbowing each other out of the way to get in an interview. He seemed to dig the attention.

My 8:30 I was set and on my way past a video camera on a tripod trained on the door. Perhaps I was on the news?

I even made it to work just about when I usually do.

Then the rest of the day the phone was restoring from the iCloud backup…

First impressions:

  • Damn, this thing feels awesome in the had without a case on it. Too bad I keep mine in a case.
  • I’m glad I didn’t get the big version. Holding one in my hand wasn’t comfortable at all.
  • A phone that’s charging and doing a first sync gets a bit toasty.
  • I’m getting used to the bigger screen. I’m still not 100% sure I wanted a bigger screen though.
  • iCloud restores are slow. Like 12 hours slow.  :-O  But they do work well otherwise. (Perhaps everyone doing a restore at once is the culprit)
  • I dig the thin-ness of the phone.
  • Waiting in line at Apple is kind of fun. I know people make fun of it, but I think it is.