One of the goals I have is to get my blogging app published. Honestly, it’s more than getting it published. While it would be nice to make some money, the real reason I want to make the app is for me.

In any case, so far I’ve hooked up a bunch of things with the app:

  • XMLRPC is working to talk to my test WordPress blog
  • A picture picker is working
  • CodeData has been set up and tracking blog information, posts, and assets

While none of this is really dramatic and I’m sure that someone can do it quickly who is skilled in the art of iOS development. But I’m happy so far.

I can say that the new language, Swift, is a double-edged sword. It’s nicer and cleaner, but much of the docs aren’t yet up to speed all the way. I’ve not had too much trouble with it and how I’m using it to integrate with CocoaPods. So far, so good.