I read on ArsTechnica today that CloudFlare is now offering free HTTPS for all of its sites — including the free ones.

I’ve looked at them before. They are a distributed web site caching company. They’re kind of like something like Akamai, but these folks work at the DNS level.

Basically, you hand over your root DNS zone and configure where your web site is and they proxy your site for you.

They also do things like try to prevent DDOS attacks and all sorts of other nasty attacks. I know that I’ve seen in the past how my blog server has been hit with some strange password hacking attempts so I’m curious to see how the behavior changes before and after.

Which brings me to the point: today I moved over my DNS to CloudFlare and unless you’re on some odd long-caching DNS, what you’re seeing now should have come through them.

I’ll seed how this works and report back.