That’s the argument… that’s the argument that Attorney General Eric Holder said on why we shouldn’t have strong encryption for the general public. You know, the type they can’t read without a warrant.

Photo by Ryan Johnson

That’s an argument you use when you’re suggesting something that you know is wrong but you can’t think of a reason. That and “if you’re not with me, you’re with the terrorists” or some bullshit like that.

If you agree you’re an idiot. If you argue the point you’re made to look like a pedophile or something.

I look at it in a different way.

Don’t think of the children. Think of their children. What type of world are you leaving to them? The freedoms that you are giving up now will affect not just you and your children, but all those that follow.

Just because you don’t have something to hide now doesn’t mean you might not in the future. Just because there’s not an intruder in your house now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to protect yourself tomorrow.

Even if you are willing to give these up — think of the children. Just because you might feel better having given up a little freedom doesn’t mean you didn’t condemn your children to less freedom.