I was kind of made fun of by my friend about overall preparation in my house. Specifically fire readiness.

Most people seem to have a smoke detector or two that they replace the batteries when the thing start chirping. We have seven interconnected (wireless) smoke detectors and a CO detector. I went around and replaced three batteries in each of the smoke detectors and the three more in the CO.

24 AA batteries later and I feel I can sleep well.

If they do go off I’m never more than a few steps away from a fire extinguisher. We have at least one extinguisher on each floor. One featuring prominent next to the shop with all the reloading supplies.

You might say I’m have a healthy respect for fire… I’m not paranoid about it, just prepared for it.

In many ways I’m just preparing for it as though I was running a business here at home. What would my employer be forced to do? If they are forced to do it, why shouldn’t I do the same thing?

Oh, by the way… the sticker is really on the wall and has been since I mounted it. It’s half a joke, have for real.

A “ha ha, only serious” type of move.