There’s a road that I drive on often enough that seems to cause a bunch of motorcycle accidents.

The viaduct connects north and south Seattle. It’s one of the two north-south main arteries in Seattle, the other one being I-5.

The viaduct is a double-decker bridge that runs next to the Sound. It was damaged in the last earthquake and there’s long and eventful process we’re digging a tunnel to replace it. In the interim there are a few curves as you get to the end of the bridge portion and where the ground part begins.

The speed limit on the stretch is 40 mph. On the curves there’s an advisory limit of 25 mph.

Here’s the thing: the curve is nice and gentle and I really don’t know how someone can lose a bike without doing something very stupid. Even in the wet 40 mph isn’t near the edge. (yes, I know what the edge feels like)

Honestly, I have no idea how someone can have a solitary crash here.

I know I don’t want to sound overconfident with my own skills, but at the same time I can’t see what’s going on with this stretch of road.