En posted to Facebook yesterday about our new dehydrator.

Yep… we got a pretty good one. Like a Mercedes of dehydrators — not a Bentley, nor a Toyota. A good Excalibur one.

The shipping was rather trying though. For the most part Amazon does a fine job with packaging things for shipment. This time, however, the ball was dropped rather spectacularly.

Yep. That’s more-or-less how it showed up. It was actually worse (if you can believe it) because the paper packing was even more compressed in transit. To top it off the knobs were no longer affixed to the unit! They fit right back on, but it was still rather annoying. Frankly I’m amazed it didn’t break in transit.

But, that being said, it works like a champ.

Yesterday we made our first batch of jerky. We transformed 2.7 pounds of beef into 1 pound of tasty jerky.

This is also where I get a new appreciation of jerky. That ziplock has the result of around two of those pounds in it. I could eat it in one sitting.

That would me be eating two pounds of beef crammed into 3/4 pound of jerky. (I took some to work which is why the maths don’t add up)


And yes, it really is rather tasty.  :-)

We used this online recipe for jerky to make it. Next time I’ll make some modifications though and use less soy sauce and even more spice. (and less marinade overall)