Back in April or do I decided to pull the trigger on a couple of weeks worth of Soylent.

Taking a step back, Soylent is a meal substitute. It’s engineered to have exactly what you need to live and thrive. In some ways it’s kind of a scary concept since you’re messing around with something that’s so fundamental to the human experience: food.

Why did I get in the first place? Mostly as an experiment, honestly. What would it be like to “eat” this stuff?

Well, today I started off replacing my breakfast and lunch with the neutral-tasting and slightly gritty liquid.

I’ve heard legend of the “horse-killing farts” that starting to use Soylent would unleash. Of course that was V1.0 of Soylent. V1.1 was upgraded to have some digestive enzymes to tame them down. (Yes, this food has version numbers and release notes.)

No real farts or intestinal distress was noticed.

What I did notice is that I seemed to have more energy and focus this morning. It didn’t feel “Monday” at all really. I felt productive from the word go and I didn’t have any dips in my energy through the day.

Honestly, it’s kind of nice. Bland, yes… but I can say that it is pretty convenient. Ennie says it smells like Play-doh and I have to agree. Taste-wise it’s a slightly sweet malty flavor that has a bit of remaining grittiness to it; it’s not lumped or gross, just, well, neutral mostly.

Historically most days for lunch I wound up eating an apple and peanut butter or just foraging around the Amazon campus for a food truck or something. The apple and peanut butter was at least healthy… food trucks, not so much. Tasty, sure, but it was mostly a way to deliver energy.

I replaced it with a walk instead.

My plan is to do breakfasts and lunches this week and see how things work out. I do want to try a full week of Soylent to see how things work out… basically as an experiment. (Hey, self-experimentation has a long history in science. This fits right in.)