I had an interesting conversation at work today about iOS vs. Android. This isn’t the religious argument over which is better mobile operating system but which is “winning.” I personally like iOS better than Android, but I’m not taking sides in this bit of a rant-y post.

My co-worker was saying, and I have no real reason to disagree but I haven’t looked up recent numbers, that Android has a 70% market share compared to iOS and based on that they are “winning.”

My view is different though… Apple only sells what most other companies would class as a flagship device. Even the iPhone 5C is a pretty damn good phone when it comes down to it. Not just that but people that are buying an Apple device want the Apple device. The majority of people buying Android devices want a cheap phone that lets them text, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and maybe even make a phone call. This is different if you’re buying a Samsung S5 or something like it, then you are buying the phone for what it is, not just a phone.

Most people that have an Android phone really don’t give a rats ass about Android. The phone does enough to be good and that’s is.

Just because you have 70% of the market, where most of the market is apathetic doesn’t really count as a win in my book.

It’s like in Soviet Russia. Did the Lada win by having the biggest market share?

(Yes, I just compared Android to a Lada. Deal. :-P )

That said, the vast majority of the profit of the mobile industry is going to Apple. Most apps are iOS first and then other platforms. Why? Because the people on iOS typically spend more money because they care  more about the phone. Most people (again, I’m making broad generalizations here) on Android just want a cheap phone with a few free apps.