Another Halloween has passes and in this case we didn’t get a single trick-or-treat-er.

If you listen to the media you would think that Halloween is something to be scared of, and not in the “boo” way but in the “oh my god, everyone in society is out to get me.”

Violent crime is at historic lows.

Of course you’re not getting that in the media.

Blood gets people to tune in (or log in) to the content you’re making. Hysteria sells.

We used to be a country full of risk takers. Everyone on the continent (including the native Americans or First Nation people depending on your point of view) left where they were to come to a new world. Every one took risks.

We’re now so afraid of our own shadows that we don’t let our kids outside because the boogieman will get them.

– = –

Just today Space Ship 2 crashed killing one of the pilots and injuring the other.

Those men are heroes. They took the risk (which of course they knew) to push us further and higher than we’ve gone before in a private enterprise.

– = –

The world needs more of those heroes and fewer huddling, hand-wringing parents busy keeping their kids “safe.”