Looking at preliminary results it looks like initiative 594 is passing in Washington.

This is a sorry state of affairs about which I’m both angry about and mournful about.

On the face of it it is for backgrounds checks for sales. “Closing the gun show loophole.”

The reality is that it broadens the term transfer to mean almost any time that someone picks up a firearm. If my friend comes over and I show him/her a weapon by handing it to them UNLOADED (as all but one of my guns are) and they hand it back that makes us both felons by the letter of the new law. I transferred it to them and they transferred it back.

It can be argued that it would never be prosecuted. Sure.

But it’s one of those things that if you have someone that decides they don’t like you the prosecution can selectively occur.

The notion that someone on a whim can choose to enforce a law should be something that scares us all. The idea that owning a firearm can almost ipso facto make you a criminal is absurd.

To top it off this isn’t going to end crime — as admitted by the supporters of the initiative — it will only serve to make more criminals.

Oh, we also voted down 591 which restates rights already guaranteed. We fucking voted against due process for the love of god. (Yes, read the text of it)

This is a sad day for me. A sad day for the country. A sad day for the bill of rights. A sad day for liberty.