Today’s adventure was going to the Royal BC Museum. In addition to their normal natural history and history of British Columbia they had a visiting exhibit (it was in it’s last few days here in BC) on Vikings.

It was a great time, but this post isn’t about about the contents but rather the occupants.

We were going through the history of BC section and looking at the historical artifacts from the First Nation peoples when a group of three moms and some number of kids (couldn’t figure out, nor did I care) started shouting about behind us. The rest of the exhibit was library quiet (you know, you can hear hushed speaking, but everyone else had a fairly hushed reverence of contents)

I looked down to the little girl as she was hanging off the exhibit and screeching and gave her a “shhh…”

A moment later I heard the mom talking loud enough for me to hear (which wasn’t any quieter than her normal volume level) “You know you should be quiet because some people think that kids shouldn’t be kids.”

“Ma’am, can you be a quieter as well?”

“What? Do you work here? I can be as loud as I want, I paid my ticket. Do you want to talk to someone about me, my name is Amanda something-or-other and they can talk to me.”

I took down her name but I couldn’t find a docent around to relay the message.

Well, Amanda something-or-other: Fuck you. I paid my entrance as well.

She did eventually quiet down the tiniest bit.

We were around hundreds of kids in the museum that were having fun and you and your kids were the only obnoxious ones of the entire lot. You would think that you’re one of the Ugly Americans you always hear about but your accent gave you away.

If I wanted to be surrounded by a bunch of loud, pointless jibber-jabber that serves no reason but to get me annoyed I would have gone to a political convention, not a museum.

Note to the Royal BC Museum: You might want additional docents.