So tomorrow I’m starting my little experiment on myself: one week of Soylent. I had a couple of days that I used it for breakfast and lunch and had a normal dinner. This time it’ll be a full week of effectively nothing but Soylent. I’m sure we’ll have a few calories straggle in, but my goal is to have something like 95+% of my nutrition from Soylent.


I guess the biggest driver is just to know what it feels like. The general vibe I get from people I’ve talked to is “that sounds awful.” I suppose the end result is determining the level of “awful” from maybe 0-10.

That still begs the question of “why?” Seeing how bad you’ll feel is a fairly improbable reason — like “what does it feel like to jump off a bridge?”

One angle is certainly a bit self-referential: this is something for me to write about. Another side is looking at this from a disaster preparedness perspective. I live in an area that can have earthquakes. If something were to happen to the Seattle area, it would be quite nice to have a week or two of sustanance at hand to live off of while everything else catches up. In that vein it’s nice to know what to expect if you do indeed need to survive off of it.

But in the end it boils down to “why not.” I’ve gotten myself into some bad habits and this might be the reboot I need to kick them. (Bad habits that have led to me gaining weight incidentally)

I’ll be checking in to let you know how it’s going. I’m not going to only write about it mind you… but it will come up a few times I’m sure.