I’ll be batching these up as I go along but I figured that I would make the first day a bit special.

What I’m looking to document is my general mood, how things are going with the lack of “real” food, any distress and so forth.

Right now I’ve gone through almost my entire two liters of Soylent for today and honestly I’m feeling fine. Ennie had some reheated pizza for dinner while we watched TV and I didn’t really feel deprived. I’m feeling sated and generally pretty alert. I did have some fairly stinky farts though — but if it’s from Soylent or something prior I’m not really sure.

Something that I’m not particularly looking forward to though is a couple of social gatherings in the next few days. I’ll be getting together with a friend of mine tomorrow and the whole gang will be getting together on Thursday to watch Hump (like last year). The next day after work Ennie and I will go off to see a movie at SAM. I’m guessing I’ll be a bit disappointed with not doing the social eating and all that fun stuff. We shall see…

But all that said, I’m in good spirits and I’m feeling good.  :-)