A friend of mine recently (this past summer) got laid off from her job. From what I can guess (no, I tend not to pry into these things) there was enough severance coupled with enough pre-planning that she’s able to take the better part of a year off and bop about the planet looking around.

In a way I’m really rather jealous.

No, not about getting laid off. I know I wouldn’t be thrilled about that… but having the opportunity to just travel and be good with it.

I wrote about her before and the group she runs – Global Women Who Ride. Now she’s off to ride the world herself. (In any case, if you’re a woman who rides, go and reach out to her — read the blog anyway, it’s cool!)


Thinking about it it still feels strange in a way that I randomly ran into her in Stewart, BC back in 2008…

I guess I’ll stop rambling.