The past couple of days it would have been cool to be at Re:Invent, which is Amazon’s AWS conference held in Las Vegas every year.

This one was a very lively one for new product announcements all over the place. Some of the new features are not something that I’m really in the market for (like the super high-end EC2 instances or the faster EBS), some of them I might be able to find a use for.

The biggest cool feature is the lambda functions. It’s a light-weight way of running some code on events without actually spinning up an EC2 instance to do the processing. I can see a couple of interesting use cases that I might be able to tackle on my blogging app that will use exactly that.

It’s one thing for me to run a service, it’s another for me to deploy a service out to the world where customers expect uptime.

Uptime requires redundancy. Redundancy, especially for low-load services, is expensive. Expensive isn’t a good thing for small businesses.

Lamb really seems like a “well, I have this tiny bit of processing to do when a customer signs up” type of deal. Quick and efficient. And I’m sharing the redundancy costs with everyone else. I like it.

I signed up for the preview, but I’ve not played with it at all yet. It certainly seems pretty awesome!