Ennie and I had tickets to a movie (that’s another post) downtown at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). She works just a few blocks from there and I’m presently working in South Lake Union.

Now on a typical day I’ve been riding my motorcycle in to work and back home. This has been saving me a ton of time because my normal bus stop that I was getting off at has been closed for over a year now. It’s likely to continue being closed up until the tunnel that’s replacing the Battery Street tunnel is completed. If it’s completed. The stop before would add a half hour walk to my commute. The stop after only adds 20 minutes. (My bus stop before was only a five-minute walk from my office)

Ever since I realized how easy and cheap it is to park my bike at work I’ve been doing that. I figure it’s saving me around 45 minutes to an hour each day even when you count traffic into the equation.

Today I had to make a decision. Bus in to work, and walk from my office to SAM (or if I’m exceptionally lucky, bus some of the way) or should I ride my bike to and fro then bus back in.

Bus back in won.  :-(

I would up spending less time moving myself around to take two trips to downtown than taking one trip and a bunch of walking, bussing, stuff.

That gives me a sad.