I had originally set out to do a full week on nothing but Soylent. My first day was Tuesday and I was aiming to go until next Monday.

Toyota, in its vast manufacturing enterprise, came up with the Andon cord. It gave the ability for anyone on the assembly line to immediately shut down production for quality purposes. If someone pulled it the line would stop down and the problem would get quickly addressed.

Well, I had to stop because of mostly my mind. My brain pulled the And on cord in this case.

The first couple of days was easy and everything was going quite well. I had more energy throughout the day and all was well.

The downfall really came when I was out with my friend Holly on Wednesday and she was eating what looked to be a delicious greek salad while I had nothing but Diet Coke. I made it through OK that night. The following night the whole gang went out to see Hump 2014 and beforehand we went to another restaurant and I watched Ennie and Holly eat some awesome looking and smelling food and I was, again, drinking Diet Coke.

While (and I’m sure I’ll get some flak for saying this) Soylent is a nutritionally complete meal replacement and from a purely physiological perspective I was doing just fine, the social aspect of eating was really starting to bum me out more than a little. Mentally I was getting put on edge and was really missing that aspect of my day-to-day.

Am I going to divest myself of Soylent? No. I think it’s a great (if bland) substitute for the occasional meal.

Can I survive on Soylent if I need to? Yes. I’m pretty confident that if pushed (think: natural disaster) I’d be fine with it for at least a few weeks. In this scenario I’m figuring there’s not a lot of social eating happening.

Can I eat Soylent all the time in “normal” times? Not really. I get a bit messed up in the head with just Soylent.