It’s been a long time that we’ve had the BMW 3 series. We went shopping for a car for Ennie back in 2004 when we were ready to trade in the VW Beetle that she was driving around at the time. The lease was over and we were ready to move to the next car.

(Honestly, the engine seemed like it was having top-end problems and we had been concerned with the valve-train imploding for the last few months of the lease)

We went shopping and decided on a the 330ci from Solon BMW just down the street from us. We picked it up on a lease and had a smoking deal because of an error on the dealer’s part. After the lease was over we purchased it out of the lease since it was still a good deal (still due to the error) and it’s a good car.

Fast forward to 2012 and our move to Seattle.

We went from being a two car, two motorcycle household to two cars and a motorcycle. The problem, if you can call it that, is that we barely needed a car. At the time we were both taking the bus to get to work. Last year I discovered the joys of motorcycling into work… but that didn’t change the fact that the cars were barely getting a workout.

It has come time to sell it and let someone else who’ll drive her around more. There’s no reason to just keep it in the drive way on a battery tender since it’s barely being driven around.

It’s sad… but it’s also a waste to keep something around that you never use.