One of the things that came out of my Soylent experiment was (kind of like I was hoping actually) is that some of my bad habits got broken.

It was really the jump-start to me losing some weight. It gave me a lot of motivation to re-start exercising and I’ve been able to keep it up since I stopped the Soylent regimen.

Today was my first long ride. You can say it was stupidly long since the typical rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t up rides by more than 20-30% from your longest. Up until today that would be around an hour and twenty minutes. Today was two hours twenty minutes.

And hilly.

The Chilly-Hilly ride around Bainbridge Island.

I did it! I rode this (well, virtually in all cases this post) a few times a year or so ago, but since then I’ve been a slacker.

The first long ride always sucks. But you have to prime the pump, er legs, somehow.