Earlier this week Ennie put the BMW up on Craig’s List.

The next couple of days a slew of responses came back. We got together with one potential buyer on Thursday. He decided to not pull the trigger.

Today we had something around four folks lined up to take a look at the car. The first potential of today came all the way from Portland. He drove up and stayed with his brother who lives just a mile or two from us. We met in front of our bank at 9AM. Within five minutes of seeing the car he said he’d take it.

At the asking price.

We went a shop to have them inspected and it passed other than some minor issues that didn’t make a difference.

At 1PM we signed over the title and deposited the cashier’s check.

We dropped the car off at his brother’s house and took off the plate.

The strange thing is that it seemed if this had fallen through, we could have had a few more people that would’ve been also willing to buy it for the same price.

At car is going to a good home… someone who just lives ad breathes BMWs and was looking for just this car.  :-)