Another Formula One season is in the books. Lewis Hamilton is taking home his second world championship with good win when he needed it.

It’s a strange sport in many ways. On the face of it seems like a boring sport with not a whole lot of passing that America seems to long for.

Once you start digging deeper into it its enjoyable from an engineering perspective. The teams, even the minnows of the field, are engineering powerhouses each designing and building their own bespoke vehicles to campaign around the various tracks of the world. The engines, though only designed and built by three manufactures, Mercedes, Renault, and Ferrari, are themselves marvels — especially this year with their hybrid power plants.

This doesn’t even get to the teamwork by the pit crews that are regularly servicing their cars in well under three seconds. This by itself is amazing.

This is all before even getting to the drivers themselves! Each of them, even the ones in slow cars, are way more fit than most of the folks around you (myself included). The forces involved with driving a car like that are far closer to flying a jet fighter than you everyday runabout. While the forces may be comparable, the workload in F1 is far higher since most driver aids are banned by the rules.

Anyway… this is just me thinking about F1. And looking forward to next year.

TL;DR: I think F1 is super cool.