Get your mind out the gutter — this isn’t about that.


We always seem to have the worse luck with plumbing around Thanksgiving. A few years back (still in Solon) we had some variety of major toilet issue on Thanksgiving proper. We were having company over as well so it was going to be a problem. (If I recall the innards were messed up and the valve at the wall was as well… so we would have had to turn water off to the house)

Today, two days before Thanksgiving: Hot water heater.

I was luck to have gone downstairs and open the door to the mechanicals — almost by accident. (Long story including looking for a new washer and dryer) I was greeted by a pool around the tank and half of inch of water sitting there soaking the bottom few inches of drywall around the floor.


The one good thing is this is a common failure and there’s enough infrastructure to get these things replaced in short order.

Except not at night…

I guess I have to look at the upside… we still have cold water and heat. (but not together)